GOLD FIN international LLC is promoted by NPM Group India which operates several plants in India. Gold Fin is located in Duqm Special Economic Zone Authority.

The Duqm Special Economic Zone Authority (SEZAD) manages, regulates, and develops all economic activities in Duqm. The Duqm SEZ is a model of an integrated economic development composed of zones:

a sea port, industrial area, new town, fishing harbor, tourist zone, a logistics center and an education and training zone, all of which are supported by a multimodal transport system that connects it with nearby regions (e.g., the Arabian Gulf countries, Middle East, East Africa and Southeast Asia). The Special Economic Zone is administered, regulated and developed by the Duqm Special Economic Zone Authority, a financially and administratively independent government entity.

Duqm Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is the largest in the Middle East and North Africa region and ranks among the largest in the world.
We process mainly fresh indian oil Sardine at our state of the art facility at Duqm special economic zone, State of. Oman.Our plant is human consumption grade and under the process of certification by EU standards and GMP+.We employ Best Available Techniques and we innovate our process with decades of experience.
We are processing currently 300 tpd mainly indian oil Sardine. Freshness of raw material is the key to quality of our products. We are in close proximity to fish harbour in Duqm and we process fish within 24 hours of landing. Our products are inspected by our quality assurance team in our in-house laboratory before delivery to the customer.